Privacy Policy

When you visit our website and use our app and services you trust us with your information, which we take very seriously. In the following document we attempt to outline how we use your information.

This privacy policy applies to all information collected through both our website ( and our app ( as well as any other related services and marketing.

Who we are

Cat Pricer is an online catalytic converter pricing app that provides pricing for catalytic converters by serial number and graded description as well as simple customer and purchase creation for a monthly recurring fee.

Our website address is:

What Data We Collect

When you register for our app the information you provide us will be securely stored solely for the purpose of authenticating you upon logging into our app and attributing your information to you. 

We DO NOT share your information (customers, purchases, etc…) with any third parties. Only you have access to this information.

Outside of that, similar to all other sites, we collect information on IP address along with browser and device characteristics. 

How We Use Your Data

Outside of authenticating your login requests and storing customer/purchase data you have created in the app we will only use your information for transactional, marketing and promotional communication with you of which you can opt out of at your own discretion at any.

How Long We Retain Your Data

We keep your information for as long as necessary unless otherwise required by law.

When we no longer need your information we will either delete or anonymize it, or if none of that is possible (in the case of backups) we will ensure it is stored securely until we are able to delete it.

Our Use of Cookies

Cookies, for the most part, are used to make interacting with our website and application more convenient. They allow us to remember your app preferences so when you log in the app is set up as you left it. They allow us to remember which device you are logged in on so as not to need to log in every time (unless you log out).

Questions About Our Privacy Policy?

Please send all questions about our privacy policy or fill out our contact form at